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Macc Potato Riot - Photo_ Simon Brown

We believe in theatre for the transformation of society, theatre for empowerment and the theatre of political challenge. We have over 10 years experience in making interactive Political Theatre, training artists of all levels of experience to make Political Theatre and using theatre to unlock controversial issues.


We offer: Mentoring and creation of community theatre (Macclesfield Potato Riot); Workshops for schools, training and young professional theatre makers in Political Theatre and Devised Theatre; Workshops to inspire confidence and political empowerment in young people; and Themed Performance Workshops for schools (Antarctica)


Whether you are a school delving into a contentious or sensitive topic, a university wanting to practically engage your students in nuanced and challenging Political Theatre making, a theatre wanting to empower your young artists to make their own work or a community group looking for more engaging and powerful means of communication, please get in touch


"Still totally buzzing after this morning and just wanted to say a huge thank you!

After 20 years teaching, it’s great to find inspiration in the most unlikely places and fab to see the kids enthused and determined to make a difference. Please keep Marlborough in mind for any future projects...we would love to be involved!"

Fiona Maxwell, Marlborough School (about Antarctica)

"The workshop you did with the group really helped them to think about what they are passionate about and being bold in their storytelling"

Amy Liptrott, Bolton Octagon Academy

"The workshop stretched and challenged the students skills and perceptions of what can be achieved by a piece of political theatre. I would highly recommend knaive theatre for workshops for theatre students. My students have used many of the techniques and ideas from the workshops in their own practical work."

Alison Gaukroger, Colchester Sixth Form College

"In just two hours they went from barely knowing about the whole concept to starting to write scenes and acting them out." 

Simon Brown, Macclesfield Potato Riot

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