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Have Your Passport Ready - main

Have Your Passport Ready is a virtual experience by

Stand and Be Counted Theatre (SBC) that puts the audience 

directly in the world of the UK's hostile environment. This short

film-meets-video game is Knaïve Theatre's first open

supported commission.


"[An] important and engaging interactive video, which crackles

with barely suppressed anger" - The Stage

This show received 4 Star Reviews from The Guardian and

The Stage and can still be seen in the Gallery at Knaïve Theatre 

presents: A Digital Lyceum.


Led by brothers Khaled and Mohammad Aljawad from Syria,

now based in Sheffield, Have Your Passport Ready explores an unknown city without an interpreter as audiences become players

collecting evidence to prove their right to remain in the UK.

SBC make campaign theatre with a proud record for welcoming new audiences to the theatre. Their work is adventurous and

highly political, merging lived experience with new ideas. They believe that theatre is a vital tool in the pursuit of positive social change and justice. In 2016 SBC became the first ‘Theatre Company of Sanctuary.' They are committed to making work with, about and for people seeking sanctuary in the UK and internationally. They are co-founders of the Welcome Consortium: a grass-roots movement for theatre-makers building a culture of welcome within their communities.

Have Your Passport Ready, Us, (Post 23/3) and Covid Lockdown Breath Machine together form our Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund for Non-NPOs funded programme.


This was released as part of Knaïve Theatre presents: A Digital Lyceum's inaugural season 17th -24th October 2020.

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