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Us, (Post 23/3). Exploring the disproportionate effect that COVID-19 has had on the British Asian community and the ripples it sends through one family on the front line. Based on true events. A short play-come-experiment with Zoom, to be rehearsed, performed and watched on the communications platform (livestreamed). Kamal is part of a family working on the front lines during the COVID crisis, the story of his family and his brother’s acute infection (which led to medically induced coma) has inspired him to write ‘Us. Post 23/3’. This play tells the story of a family who are caught in a dilemma between working on the front-line and putting their loved ones at risk. Forcing them to re-evaluate the motivations of serving a country who views them as outsiders and dealing with the mental and emotional strain this causes on their personal relationships. 


Kamal Kaan is an actor and writer for screen, radio and theatre.

He was story consultant for Clio Barnard’s forthcoming film,

Ali & Ava, and has also been working with BBC Writersroom

and Bandit Television as a storyliner for a television adaptation

of the novel, The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters, by chef, presenter, The Great Bake Off winner, Nadiya Hussain MBE. His radio plays include, Father’s Land in Mother Tongue and Breaking Up with Bradford, both broadcast in BBC Radio 4’s Afternoon Drama slot. Whilst his theatre work includes, Ayeesha: After Antigone, a contemporary retelling of Sophocles’ play, to be staged next year by Bradford-based theatre company, Freedom Studios, for whom he is an Associate Artist. After winning scholarships to study for a BA in Architecture at University of Cambridge and an MA in TV Fiction Writing at Glasgow Caledonian University, he went on to become an alumni of both the Bush Theatre’s Emerging Writers Group and Royal Court Theatre Young Writers Programme. In 2017 he was listed by Prolific North in the top script writers category.

Us, (Post 23/3), Covid Lockdown Breath Machine and Have Your Passport Ready by Stand and Be Counted Theatre together form our Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund for Non-NPOs funded programme.


To be released as part of Knaïve Theatre: A Digital Lyceum's inaugural season 10th -12th December 2020.

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