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Behind every great lecture is a great adventure.

With lockdown curtailing our live theatre tour, we began to explore how we could make interactive theatre digitally. Antarctica was the first outcome of this exploration which has now developed into the launch of our digital venue.

Professor Amundsen (a leading specialist in Glaciology and Climate Change) opens the door to your very own interactive, immersive adventure around the Antarctic Peninsula. But will you go through it? 


What starts as a Zoom lecture in the professor’s own living room quickly evolves into an epic journey of mythological proportions. Where it will take you is up to you.


Designed for Key Stage Two children, but suitable for playful adults too.

We recommend you set aside at least an hour to get the most out of this experience – although, different adventurers may take different paths and so have different finishing times.

Suggested packing list:

  • Curiosity

  • Courage

  • Imagination

  • A Sense of Adventure



The professor will see you now.

Antarctica was initially commissioned for primary schools, as a partner project to a contemporary symphony of the same name by composer, performer, provocatrice, Dr Laura Bowler, which was performed at HOME, Manchester in December 2018. Videos from Antarctica were streamed directly to classrooms around Manchester and students learned about Antarctica though saving our protagonist.


In this latest digital adaptation for World Oceans Day & The National Maritime Museum we have transformed the whole experience into a short game which can be enjoyed by KS2 students and their families at home.

Created with funding from UK Antarctic Heritage Trust and Arts Council England.

In collaboration with Dr. Laura Bowler, Manchester Camerata and Royal Exchange Theatre.

We can easily host this work on any educational website. If you would like this work for your educational institution please get in touch.

"Still totally buzzing. After 20 years teaching, it’s great to find inspiration in the most unlikely places and fab to see the kids enthused and determined to make a difference."

Fiona Maxwell Teacher at Marlborough Primary School, Tytherington, Cheshire

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