Photo by: Luca Rudlin

Pain, the Brain and a Little Bit of Magic is an empowering performance talk which takes a look inside the brain, exploring how we feel pain, how pain is signalled in the body and how we develop chronic conditions. Based on pioneering research, ‘Pain, the Brain and a Little Bit of Magic’ offers an optimistic message of how chronic pain may be better understood and treated.

"Brilliant evening. Amazed."

Mike Denny - Windsor Fringe


Pain, the Brain and a Little bit of Magic is for chronic pain sufferers and the people who support them, medical professionals and absolutely anybody who wants to know more about what makes the brain tick.


This is a collaboration with Professor Anthony Jones; a leading neuro-rheumatology researcher at The University of Manchester.  He pioneered the use of functional brain imaging to understand the brain mechanisms of chronic pain and is now using his discoveries to develop new therapies.

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