The world's most notorious terrorist tells his remarkable, provocative, multi-award-winning story.

Critically acclaimed and award-winning in the UK, USA and Australia, this incendiary, intelligent, compassionate show provides fresh perspective; creating within the unthinkable a space for debate and dialogue. A post-show debate follows every show, podcasts of the debates can be heard here. Click here to view trailer.

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"Knaive Theatre is the theatre of compelling debate. It is the tabernacle of ideas, it is the round table of hypothesis. Bin Laden The One Man Show is an experience that distorts complacency, challenges the intellect and touches the heart."

Canberra Times, 2019

“An unsettling explanation of the process of extreme radicalism, creating a tingling sense – rare in fringe shows – of theatre-goers being led in an uncomfortable direction.”

The Guardian, 2017

“One of the finest pieces of theatre on the fringe.”

Broadway Baby, 2013


"The praise heaped on this production is well-earned: it’s phenomenal."

Reviews Hub, 2017