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Without the support of the Arts Council England, many organisations across the UK and most importantly you, our audience, our work simply would not be made. Like everyone in the arts, right now, we are more grateful than ever for our community of artists and audiences for enabling us to make work and share it with you. We don’t believe that theatre should grind to a halt because of this crisis, and that is why we have been experimenting with new technologies to look for new ways to reach and connect with our audiences safely. It isn’t quite theatre, we are not quite sure what this genre of work is, but we are very excited to share it with you. This challenge has led us to reach across to other artists and organisations to band together and use what we have to create a network of support whereby artists and audiences can continue doing what they do best: connecting over high quality artistic experiments. Knaïve Theatre presents: A Digital Lyceum attempts to do just that.

If you think that, right now, we all need to connect with each other more deeply and more often; if you value artistic expression and the conversations that can inspire as an integral part of a functioning democracy; if you want to be part of a network which stares down political and social division and doubles down on brave creativity and the collective experience. Then please consider donating whatever you can afford.

We know times are hard for everybody right now. Know that every penny will go towards keeping this shared dream alive

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Thank you to all the organisations without whose support our work would not be possible:

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Thank you to all the individuals who helped us with our first Kickstarter and made it possible for us to tour Bin Laden: The One Man Show to the USA and Mexico in 2016:


Jonathan Ainscough - Helen Alston - Femke Van Biezen - Antonina Blazanovic - Joseph Bolger - Laura Jayne Bowler - Deborah Bowler - Susy-Bramer & Peter Mcqueen -  Jonathan Bunt - David Burgess  - Peter Carleton  - Josh Castree  - John Chidgey  - Pavlos Christodoulou  - Bysshe Coffey - Sophie Coward - Chris Eastwood - Carolyn Eden - Jules Evans - Luc Hale - Angela Heeley - Annette Hubbell - Joseph Jayson - Daniel Johnston - Caitlin Jones - Colin Kendall - Duncan King - Mary Kirk - Verity Kirk - Patsy Langley - Amy Leach - Roger Leaton & Iris Webb - David Leopold - Rose Van Leyenhorst - Charlie Macnamara - Gerald Main - Richard & Ellie Main - Terry Manolitsis - Oskar McCarthy - Clare McCarthy - Rachel Meerloo - Carlotta Merzari - Emma Murphy - Adam Norton - Tommy O'Donnell - Helen Parry - Chase Pashkowich - Marcos Francisco Perez - Leanne Porter - Peeter Rebane - Amy Rosenthal - Nick Rutter - Kate S - Gabriel Sermon - Jackie Sharpe - Jon Stancato - Scott Sunderland - Sydney Syson - Uncle Tacko - Frances Tarr - Animkii Theatre - Hot Coals Theatre - Ruth Thomlinson - Katie Tranter - Eanna Tyrrell - Pippa Tyrrell - Val Tyrrell - Alejandra Venancio - Louise Wadsworth - Malka Wallick - Phil & Sonia Wells - James Welsh - Rosalind Wynn - Charlie - Jordan - Katie - Alex - Faisal - Thomas - Emily - Sheila - S - Matt - Jane - Fiona - Robert - S - Rachel - Diana

We cannot express enough gratitude to all our supporters; without these people our work would not be possible.
Thank you.
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