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Zoe Mills and George Johnstone

“Repeat after me:

I am an adventurer.

I come to the city tonight to see what dreams are made of.

I will follow the cards.

I will open my mind.

I will set tonight ablaze.”

“I heartily recommend them to any other festival that is looking to book a professional ensemble of story-crafting mischief-makers.”

Oskar McCarthy (Director of walkabout entertainment at Nozstock Festival) 


Add a sense of magic and adventure to your event and inspire curiosity and openness to the possibilities of the moment. 


Dreamspeaker is a thrilling interactive theatre adventure which incentivises playfulness and meeting new people. The Dreamspeakers are two highly skilled interactive performers who are masters of the power of suggestion and manipulation. Armed with tarot cards and the power of suggestion they send players on unforgettable adventures of surprise and personal empowerment. They create playful havoc as they send participants on ever wilder and sillier quests involving other festival/party goers. Participants gather ever more strangers into their group final level where they are rewarded with a transformative, ritualistic experience in a secret location.

Written and Directed by

Tyrrell Jones

Designed by

Irene Jade


Zoe Mills

George Johnstone/Cassie Boyd


This is a collaboration with Zoe Mills (Punchdrunk: Drowned Man, Silverpoint, Lost Lending Library) and Cassie Boyd (Shotgun Carousel, Les Enfants: Alice's Adventures Underground).


Dreamspeaker premiered at Mayfest (Bristol) and Nozstock (Herefordshire) Festivals. 

If you have heard rumours and would like the Dreamspeaker to attend your event please get in touch.

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